Tuition and Financial Aid
The Calvin Christian School Board has a vision of providing Christian education for children of all Christian families. Therefore we try to make tuition as affordable as possible. Several opportunities for assistance are available to families seeking Christian education for their children.

Tuition Assistance

The Calvin Christian School Association awards a limited number of annual scholarships to families wishing to provide their children with a Christian education but are unable to afford full tuition. Families may apply for these scholarships in April and May for the following school year. Funds are often completely awarded by summer.

Tuition assistance is available to those who qualify and is based on various criteria including, but not limited to: need, family income, church assistance, family situation, and other available resources. To explore if your family qualifies for this program, contact Nancy Steinbrecher at 616.532.2373 or

To receive a tuition assistance application, please contact Nancy Steinbrecher at 616.532.2373 or .

Church Assistance

Many Christian Reformed churches in the Wyoming and the Grandville communities provide assistance to parents wishing to provide Christian education for their children.

Tuition ReductionIncentive Program (TRIP)

Many Calvin Christian families reduce their tuition by hundreds of dollars annually simply by shopping at businesses they normally patronize. More information

Tuition (2015-2016)  
Grade 6: $6,405
Grade 7-8: $7,355
Grade 9-12: $,7950

Other Fees
Transportation (if needed)  $570 per family